Agriculture Literacy Week - 2015

Weaving the Rainbow


March 17-21 is Agricultural Literacy Week in New York State. The signature book for 2015 is Weaving the Rainbow written by George Ella Lyon and illustrated by Stephanie Anderson. This is an amazingly descriptive story about a female weaver, who works on her farm, care of her sheep and processes their wool into a beautifully colorful tapestry. The watercolor illustrations masterfully aid even the youngest reader in understanding the rich vocabulary of each step in "weaving a rainbow."

These resources were created in partnership with New York Agriculture in the Classroom and were designed for use by teachers with students in grades K-4 to help increase the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of New York State agriculture.

The materials include 7 features, and a set of graphic organizers in PDF format.

New York News Publishers Association member newspapers are welcome to incorporate these materials into their NIE program free of charge. All other users are informed that these materials are available for nonprofit educational research/teaching/scholarship purposes only. Anyone is welcome to share these materials by adding a link to your own website(s), although full framing is not allowed. Permission for printing multiple copies must be obtained from NYNPA. Copyright is held by the New York News Publishers Association.

A special thank you to Jan and Carey Cook from who assisted with the word search and crossword puzzle in these features!

Features and Graphic Organizers

Intro to NYS Agriculture KWL - Know, Want to Know, Learned
Meet The Kennedys Interview a Farmer
Meet The Stumbos Animal Research
Animal Fiber: More Than Just Sheep NYS Agriculture is Big Business
Create Your Own Rainbow: Wool Dyeing Activity Step-by-Step Comics Directions
“Weave the Rainbow” Crossword Word or Expressions
Weaving Word Search Agriculture Poem


Click here to download all seven features and here to download the complete set of graphic organizers with an additional list of web resources and answer keys for word search and crossword.

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For more agriculture education info & materials go to the National Association of Agricultural Educators' website at


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