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The latest statewide serial story by Mike Peterson, Illustrated by Christopher Baldwin

The newspapers of the New York New Publishers Association and the Wyoming Press Association are joining forces to give their Newspaper In Education classrooms a unique educational experience. 

A brand new serial –
“Roosevelt, Burroughs, and the Trip That Saved Nature”
 is an 8-chapter non-fiction study of the friendship between President Theodore Roosevelt and nature writer John Burroughs.

This overarching theme, with specific focus on their camping trip to Yellowstone Park during Roosevelt's presidency, will allow discussion of the birth of the conservation movement and the evolution of thinking in management of natural resources. Besides creating national parks and preserving public lands as president, Governor Roosevelt was also influential in preserving and protecting the Adirondacks, while Burroughs was a key figure in setting better standards for nature-writing and is remembered alongside Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson, as well as with his close friends, John Muir and Walt Whitman.

Together, these energetic lovers of the natural world formed a key partnership in developing the environmental movement.

The story is written by Mike Peterson and illustrated by Christopher Baldwin and targets students in grades 5 through 8.

In addition to the series printed in-print or posted online, the project includes the following components:

    • A teachers’ guide with activities to enhance learning
    • A “Meet the Author” Blog available to students and teachers for open discussion about each chapter as the story progresses.
    • An MP3 audio pod cast of each chapter for use with younger, the blind or dyslexic students.
    • Free Skype or virtual “Meet the Author” sessions to any participating school who requests it.
    • The opportunity to connect classrooms across New York State with classrooms in Wyoming!

With the new Common Core State Standards and the emphasis of reading and analyzing non-fiction, this project will give educators in both states perfect opportunities for collaborative learning and using technology while developing 21st Century skills.  The story, illustrations and all project components are available FREE to any members of the NYNPA or Wyoming Press Association.

Audio Pod Casts

Chapter 1

An Historic Trip

Chapter 2

A Best-Selling Nature Writer

Chapter 3

A Nature-Loving City Boy

Chapter 4

The First National Park

Chapter 5

Conservation and Preservation

Chapter 6

The Circle of Life

Chapter 7

The Nature Fakers

Chapter 8

The People's Country

Encourage students to submit questions and comments about each chapter to the author's blog that corresponds with this story. All posts are reviewed before they are admitted to the site. To see and submit entries to the "Roosevelt, Burroughs and the Trip That Saved Nature" Blog click here.

To download a PDF copy of the Teacher's Guide click here.

For Student Worksheets in PDF click here, student worksheets in Word, click here.

Click here for the student quiz/essay information and copy of the test for New York State Students Grades 4-8. Click here for a copy of the judging rubric. Deadline to enter is Friday, May 9, 2014. To enter the quiz/essay contest online go to

If you have any questions at all about this project or to sign up to participate please contact Mary Miller at or call 518-449-1667 ext. 701 or download a copy of the newspaper agreement form or here for the Wyoming newspaper agreement form.

Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this project such a success! This project was made possible through funding by the New York Newspapers Foundation, the Wyoming Press Association and by generous sponsorship of the New York State United Teachers.


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