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Standards of Acceptance for the New York Daily Impact

The following guidelines have been established by the NYNPA Board of Directors to govern this advertising program. These guidelines do not, and are not, intended to reflect the individual participating newspapers’ policies. The policies of the individual newspapers supersede these guidelines.

Individual members and NYNPA reserve the right to properly classify, edit, or reject advertising not in compliance with local regulations or policies.

Advertising will be rejected if it will not receive the 90% placement guarantee, appears to be false, misleading, fraudulent, libelous, defamatory, illegal, in poor taste, in objectionable format, not adhering to New York State law, or for other good cause.

Advertising will be rejected if it is known or determined to discriminate on the basis of disability, family status, marital status, race, color, national origin, sex or age, except where expressly permitted by law.

Adoption advertisements are acceptable but are not guaranteed 90% placement. Individuals placing adoption ads must sign the placement guarantee waiver form before the ad will be published.

Employment advertising must be for a bona fide job offering and must state the nature of the work offered. Earnings claims must be based on fact and a statement of such claims must be available upon request.

Advertisements for Trucking and other private/public vocational schools must list the name an location of the school or company. Unless these advertisements are for a bona fide job offering, they must be placed under the Training/Instruction or similar category. Financing, Tuition Reimbursement and job placement claims must be substantiated, quantified and all disclaimers clearly stated.

Sales help wanted advertising must not offer, or appear to offer, work on a salary basis when compensation is in the form of commission or bonuses. When based on commission, no statement or implication of the amount that may be earned is acceptable, unless it is a guaranteed wage and the word "guarantee" appears in the ad copy.

Work-at-home advertisements are acceptable but are not guaranteed 90% placement. Advertising that offers employment through "listing publications" must specify such is the case.

Advertisements for bad credit repair or similar programs will not be accepted. The name of the company must appear in any ad offering loans or mortgages. The company must be registered with the New York State Banking Department.

Business opportunity and investment advertising must clearly state the type of business to be invested in and the minimum amount of investment required. All franchise offerings must comply with the regulations of New York State.

Advertising for listings of surplus government property and any other products must state the type of merchandise being sold and the price of the item(s).

Any telephone number that appears in an ad must not refer the reader to another phone number, company or individual.

Advertising for weight control, health and diet products must have federal Food and Drug Administration approval.

Advertisements for 900 numbers will not be accpeted.

Illustrations, logos, headlines and other types of display devices will not be accepted. Type size, bold face, capitalization and specific run dates will be determined by the individual newspapers.

All advertising distributed through the New York Daily Impact program must be accompanied by the company name, address and phone number. This information will be kept on file by NYNPA and does not need to be included in the actual advertisement.

For specific questions or help with your order please contact Margaret McDermott, Advertising Coordinator, at (518) 449-1667 or mmcdermott@nynpa.com.

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