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What the NYNPA NIE Program has to support your NIE Program:


Young Voices of New YorkA website designed to introduce young people to news reporting! Young Voices of New York continuously accepts applications for contributors at

We invite everyone with a Facebook account to like our YVNY Facebook page at

lawday2015logoNEW! Famous New Yorkers XIV - the newest edition of features, graphic organizers and audio pod casts highlight the lives and achivements of the following individuals: African-American British and American stage actor - Ira Frederick Aldridge; Poet, journalist, novelist, abolitionist, suffragist - Sara Jane Clark, wrote under the pseudonym Grace Greenwood; First Caribbean American woman in the United States to earn a Ph.D. in chemistry - Marie Maynard Daly; Actress, most noted for playing Alice on The Brady Bunch - Ann B. Davis; Editor for the New York Sun and attributed to writing editorial, "Yes, Virginia, there is  a Santa Claus"- Francis Church; Hall of Fame Baseball player and coach - John McGraw; Poet - Ogden Nash; Entrepreneur, Owner of Lifesavers candy and Founder of American Broadcasting Company - John Edward Nobel; Archaeologist for the New York State Museum and Director of the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Rochester - Arthur C. Parker; Comedienne, fashion commentator, entrepreneur - Joan Rivers; Discovered and developed the first successful inactivated polio vaccine - Jonas Salk; Journalist and radio broadcaster - Dorothy Thompson, and Olympic Athlete, WWII POW survivor - subject of the book and movie "Unbroken" - Louis Zamparini.

Click here to order the series. Click here for a complete alphabetical list of all Famous New Yorkers previously highlighted.

Celebrate National Newspaper Week - (October 4 -10, 2015) - This series is geared for upper elementary students and up and highlights the important ways newspapers impact readers lives everyday.  The features include spotlights on:  News - Your Place in the World, Features - A Better Place (focused specifically self-improvement) Advertising - More for Your Money and Civic Responsibility - Eyes on the Government. Updated from NAA Foundation features, these features now have a teaching guide with lesson plans aligned to the Common Core including graphic organizers/student worksheets. Contact Mary Miller at to request these PDF files.

NEW! Celebrating Black History Month (February) and Celebrating Women's History Month (March) 4-part mini series - each series includes the profiles which can be shared with area schools in-print on online, audio podcasts of each profile and corresponding teaching guides.  Each series is only $20 for NYNPA member newspapers. Non-member pricing depends on the size of the newspaper making the request. To order these materials use the Famous New Yorker's order form above or contact Mary Miller via email at The individuals profiled for each series includes:

Black History Month

Women's History Month

George Crum 1822-1914

Sybil Ludington 1761-1839

Ella Fitzgerald 1917-1996

Blanche Stuart Scott 1885-1970

James Baldwin 1924-1987

Margaret Evans Price 1888-1973

Ernie Davis 1939-1963

Madeleine L’Engle 1918-2007

NEW! Special Monthly NIE Features - The NYNPA program is creating features (4 columns x 10") to highlight different special events each month.  These features should be used as a center of an advertising or sponsorship page to gain general awareness about the program, needed revenue and help acknowledge your newspaper's NIE supporters.

"Re-Thinking Thanksgiving: The Complete Story of an American Holiday"- a project created to help celebrate Native American Heritage Month (November). This 3-part series and graphic organizers was developed to help educate young and old alike about the differences between our Thanksgiving traditions and the historical reality, particularly from the Native American perspective. Written by Perry Ground.

lawday2015logo Law Day 2015 - the American Bar Association has announced the Law Day theme for 2015 as "Magna Carta 800: Symbol of Freedom Under Law." The NYNPA NIE Program has created an 8-part series and teaching guide with graphic organizers to explore our legal traditions that stem from the Magna Carta including due process and habeas corpus. It's now available for free download at

New York State Ag Literacy Week - March 16-20, 2015 - The NYNPA NIE Program has created a 7-part series in keeping with this year's theme based on the book "Weaving the Rainbow" by George Ella Lyon. The books describes and illustrates an artist who raises sheep, shears them, cards and spins the wool, dyes it, and then weaves a colorful picture of the Kentucky pasture where her lambs were born. Our newspaper series connects this story and its images to farmers right here in New York State. Although designed to be used during this week in March - the features are not dated and can be used by member publications anytime.

Sunshine Week - March 15-21, 2015 - To help celebrate the principles of open government and freedom of information the NYNPA NIE program is offering a set of graphic organizers and links to other web resources. The webpage includes an editorial and commentary on the topic from Robert Freeman, Director of the NYS Committee on Open Government and others. For more about Sunshine Week go to

Children’s author Artie Knapp is offering a free short stories, The Race For Space: Apollo 11, The Sweet Smelling Skunk, The Shell Shocked Turtle, and "Getting to Know Ronnie: A Story about Autism" to the NYNPA NIE Program for publication. There are no restrictions in using the text and illustration for this work, provided that credit is given to Artie Knapp as the author and photo credit or illustrator of each story.

Read, Write, Listen, Speak, View and Learn

      Newspaper in Education Week: Every year, NIE Week presents newspapers with opportunities to serve teachers, parents and young readers in their communities. Teaching guides have encouraged a focus on informational text, current and relevant to the community served by the newspaper. Read, Write, Speak, Listen, View and Learn is a 12-page guide with 10 mini-lessons that invites teachers or parents to work with different sections of the newspaper and adapt activities to students’ needs and interests.  This guide was adapted from a 1994 publication, Read, Watch, Listen and Learn, written by Dr. Sherrye Dee Garrett, Tracy Love and James Saurbaugh, then of Lancaster (Pa.) Newspapers, Inc., and distributed by The NAA Foundation. This revised version was developed for NIE Week 2014 by Mary Miller and Sandra Cook. About this Guide is a 2-page supplement to Read, Write, Speak, Listen, View and Learn that outlines different approaches to using news content and aligning activities with Common Core State Standards. There is also a fillable-form PDF version of the 12-page guide for teachers or parents who would prefer to use it.


Anti-Cyberbullying - a six-part series of features, audio podcasts and corresponding graphic organizers created with content from the Cyberbullying Research Center and reviewed by Operation Respect. This educational series was created to give students and readers a general understanding of what bullying and, more specifically, cyberbullying is and how it can affect those involved. It will also explores strategies for preventing it.

Going Green

        "Going Green: Newspapers as a Source for Greener Teaching" - The 12 lessons in this teaching guide are designed to be startingpoints for implementation of instruction to expand students’ knowledge of the use and abuse of the natural resources in the state of New York and elsewhere, and of efforts to meet the need for resource conservation and stewardship. These lessons employ the daily newspaper’s current and archival wealth as a source of information, investigation and source material for instruction. Each lesson is aligned to both the NYS Learning Standards and the new Common Core State Standards. This project was funded by the New York Newspapers Foundation, Copyright 2012, All rights reserved.

        Baseball Across New York - 10 features developed in partnership with the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum. Although created for newspapers to use over the summer to keep young readers engaged, this series will appeal to old and young alike. There is a complete set of student worksheets/graphic organizers to make these materials easy to use in summer school or just for fun.

Understanding News Media - a 10-part series of features and corresponding graphic organizers, developed in partnership with Stony Brook University's Center for Media Literacy are complete. The New York State Reading Association has sponsored these materials making them free for all NYNPA member newspapers.

Where is the Lost Colony? - a six-chapter serial story written by Sandy Semans, Editor, Outer Banks Sentinel and made available by the North Caroline Press Foundation, NIE about the colonists who settled at Roanoke 400 years ago, on what became North Carolina’s Outer Banks!. This inspiring story about the early British colonists, their leaders and supporters will educate readers more about the nation’s history. Readers will feel John White’s anguish at having “lost” his family and learn what his original map shows about a recently-discovered fort planned for the area.

Available from the American Press Institute:

The American Press Institute has updated their High Five curriculum, Introduction to News Literacy (PDF), to be a condensed and modernized version, offering three units of media literacy activities and lessons. Each unit takes about one or two weeks of class time and is intended for middle school and high school students.  You’re welcome to use as few or as many units as you wish. Click here to view the API webpage posting for NIE Week 2014.


In Development...

New York State Constitutional Conventions and Civic Engagement - we are in the very early stages of developing a new series in partnership with The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government and others to increase awareness of the process for making changes to the NYS Constitution via a periodic constitutional convention that is decided by the people through a vote on a referendum every 17 years. More details will be posted as plans develop.


Parental Involvement in Education using Newspapers

Please click on the EPIC logo to view or download the 35 parent tips (PDF format). These features were created to give Moms, Dads, Grandparents and other adults short and easy ideas to be more involved in a young child's educational development.

Sponsored by:

  • EPIC: Every Person Influences Children, Parent Information and Resource Center (PIRC)

  • New York State PTA

  • WNED, ThinkBright


Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Materials

2009 marked the 400th anniversary of Hudson and Champlain's voyages along the river and lake that bear their names -- and the 200th anniversary of Fulton's successful steamboat voyage and establishment of steam commerce on the Hudson River.

In cooperation with the Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Cultural Education Center, the NYNPA Newspaper In Education Program created a 10-part NIE educational series with extensive links to other educational materials and a teachers' guide. These materials will remain on our Web site as a continued resource for those interested in Hudson River and Champlain Valley History. More

Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial Cultural Education Center

For more on Newspapers in Education please contact Mary Miller at: or call (518) 449-1667.

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