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Agriculture Literacy Week 2023

March 20-24 is Agricultural Literacy Week in New York State.


This 8-part Mini Series includes:
  • An Introduction of NYS Agriculture
  • Three Farming Profiles
  • A Fun Agriculture Crossword Puzzle and Word Search
  • A Word About Languages
  • And a Kid-Friendly Recipe Highlighting Tomatoes!

    These resources were created in partnership with New York Agriculture in the Classroom and were designed for use by teachers with students to help increase the awareness, understanding, and appreciation of New York State agriculture.

    This year's book is "Tomatoes for Neela" by Padma Lakshmi and illustrated by Juana Martinez-Neal. Like the book, this series highlights the planting, growing, harvesting, selling and eating of tomatoes.

The materials include 8 features, and a set of graphic organizers in PDF format.

New York News Publishers Association member newspapers are welcome to incorporate these materials into their NIE program free of charge. All other users are informed that these materials are available for nonprofit educational research/teaching/scholarship purposes only. Anyone is welcome to share these materials by adding a link to your own website(s), although full framing is not allowed. Permission for printing multiple copies must be obtained from NYNPA. Copyright is held by the New York Newspapers Foundation.

Click here to download all eight features and here to download the complete set of graphic organizers with an additional list of web resources and answer keys for word search and crossword.

If you would like to access the NIE Ag Literacy Week 2011 content on Poultry, click here,
for the 2013 content on Bees, Pollination and Honey click here,
for the 2014 series based on the book "Who Grew my Soup" click here,
for 2015 "Weaving the Rainbow" content based on sheep, wool and other animal fibers click here,
for 2016 "The Apple Orchard Riddle" about apples, cider, and cider donuts click here,
for 2017 "The Grapes Grow Sweet" about grape growers and wine makers click here,
for Ag Literacy Week content for 2018, click here,
for 2019 "On the Farm, At the Market"click here,
for 2020 "Right This Very Minute: A Table-To-Farm Book about Food and Farming" click here,
for 2021 "Chuck's Ice Cream Wish (Tales of the Dairy Godmother)" click here, and
for 2022's content about vermicomposting, urban and community gardening, and the journey from seed to table based on themes from the book, "Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table" click here.

For more about NYS Agriculture in the Classroom go to newyork/agclassroom.org

For more agriculture education info & materials go to the National Association of Agricultural Educators' website at www.naae.org/whatisaged/index.cfm


If you have any questions about this project or for more information about Newspaper In Education programs contact Mary Miller via email or call 518-449-1667.

If you'd like to make a donation to the NYNPA Newspaper In Education program, simply press the Donation button below.

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