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Everyone is welcome to download these audio pod casts.

NYNPA members seeking to run the features (print or electronic) by the same name and use the corresponding graphic organizers should contact Mary Miller at mmiller@nynpa.com or call Mary at (518)-449-1667 for more information.


Bullying occurs when a person or a group of people hurt, scare or are mean to another person or group on purpose. Bullying usually occurs more than once. In the past, these encounters generally happened during school on the playground or in the hallways between classes. But more and more, people are using computers, cell phones and other electronic devices to taunt and humiliate other people.

This educational series was created to give students and readers a general understanding of what bullying and, more specifically, cyberbullying is and how it can affect those involved. It will also explores strategies for preventing it. This six-part series covers the following topics:


Each link to the right brings up a downloadable audio podcast (MP3 file) of the six-part series of features. For printable PDF copies of the features and graphic organizers contact Mary Miller at mmiller@nynpa.com


A note of thanks goes out to Justin W. Patchin, Ph.D., from the Cyberbullying Research Center, and to Mark Weiss and Elizabeth Kolodny from Operation Respect for reviewing this material and for their guidance and support of this project.

This content was updated in September 2017 with guidance from Molly McCloskey, Executive Director Strategic Questions Consulting LLC.


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