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What is NIE?

NIE is an acronym for Newspapers in Education, a worldwide effort in which school textbooks and teaching materials are supplemented with the use of the local newspaper. The habit of reading a newspaper provides the necessary practice to build reading and writing skills and develop an interest in the welfare of one's community--valuable skills and attitudes to carry students through life.

Who is NIE for?
  • Students in grades K through 12
  • Adult Education Centers
  • Public and Private Schools
  • Colleges and Universities for pre-service teacher training
What services do NIE programs provide?
  • Newspapers and electronic editions delivered free to schools or at special NIE rates
  • Lesson plans and curriculum guides
  • Professional development for pre-service and in-service teachers
  • Websites with links to other resources
When and where is NIE available?
  • In most school districts in New York state, throughout the school year
  • During Summer Reading Programs
  • During Adult Education and Literacy Programs

Why do we support NIE?

  • To promote literacy
  • To provide up-to-date educational materials to teachers
  • To link young readers to their communities and the world around them
  • To encourage interaction with the local newspaper (as student writer, through blog entries, and editorial cartoons)
  • To prepare students for active citizenship in our democractic society
  • To encourage lifelong learning
  • To encourage continued newspaper use
How is NIE funded?
  • Through discounted subscriptions to area educators
  • Through generous support from local business partners and corporations
  • Through a variety of special fundraising programs

For more on Newspapers in Education please contact Mary Miller at: mmiller@nynpa.com or call (518) 449-1667.

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