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Understanding News Media

The goal of these Newspaper In Education materials is to help teach young people to think critically and act responsibly as they navigate communication media. The internet and other emerging technologies have changed news media forever. The reader has become not only a consumer of news and information but if he or she chooses, a collaborator or creator as well. The features and graphic organizers were created for middle school students but with modification could be used by younger or older students.

These resources were created by Mary Miller, Education Services Director at the New York News Publishers Association Newspaper In Education Program with input and feedback from Professor Steve Shultz from the Center for News Literacy at Stony Brook University. The project was made possible through support of the New York Newspapers Foundation with additional funding from the New York State Reading Association.

New York News Publishers Association member newspapers are welcome to incorporate these materials into their NIE program free of charge. All other users are informed that these materials are available for nonprofit educational research/teaching/scholarship purposes only. Anyone is welcome to share these materials by adding a link to your own website(s), although full framing is not allowed. Permission for printing multiple copies must be obtained from NYNPA. Copyright is held by the New York News Publishers Association.

Lesson 1 Defining Media
Lesson 2 What is the Message?
Lesson 3 What Makes News?
Lesson 4 What is Journalism?
Lesson 5 Informational Graphics
Lesson 6 Fact vs. Opinion
Lesson 7 Who's Telling the Story?
Lesson 8 The First Amendment
Lesson 9 News Consumers & Creators in the Digital Age
Lesson 10 Shield Law & Reporter's Privilege


For a complete set of 25 corresponding GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS and a list of links to additional online resources in Word click here or for a PDF click here.


If you have any questions or comments, please contact Mary Miller at mmiller@nynpa.com or call (518) 449-1667.

To find out more about the New York State Reading Association vist their website.


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